The Fountain of Youth
Article by Helen Dowd

Some folks may think that life is through
when YOUTH has fled away.
They moan because they're growing old,
that they are turning gray.
They search for YOUTH in potions,
in pills, or at a fount.
But YOUTH is measured not by AGE:
It's attitude that counts.

Please, may I ask you, gentle folk,
when did YOUTH's beauty fade?
What day was it you realized
you'd joined the age parade?
AGE is not reckoned just by years.
It has no special date.
Some folks are old at forty,
some, young at ninety-eight.

If you still see God's handiwork
in flowers, birds, and bees;
if you still hear His whisper
in the sighing of the breeze;
then years, my friend, don't matter.
You still are young at heart.
Each day's a special challenge.
Each day's a fresh, new start.

There are great gains to added years.
It pays to be a sage.
You view the world quite differently,
with practiced eyes of AGE.
You value every passing day
as if it were a gem.
The hours, you treasure carefully,
and make the best of them.

Helen Dowd


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