Mission Accomplished
Helen Dowd

The air on that night was electric
With shouts: "Crucify! Crucify!"
The mob pressed around in mad frenzy.
"Where is He? That pretender must die!"

Judas led the pack to Christ Jesus.
For silver, he'd sold Him that day.
In the Garden he completed his bargain:
With a kiss, he his Master betrayed.

Jesus looked with great sorrow at Judas.
He asked him, "Why, friend, have you come?"
We walked side by side, just like brothers.
Have you now a traitor become?"

The soldiers moved in upon Jesus.
Malchus grabbed Him. Peter cut off his ear.
Jesus picked up the ear and He healed it.
He said, "Peter, put away now thy spear."

The army led Christ to the high Priest.
He was bound, and mocked, and abused.
Later on, He was taken to Herod.
Asked to talk, Jesus firmly refused.

The disciples, through fear, all forsook Him.
Peter swore that he knew not the Man.
And another disciple, when questioned,
Left behind all his clothes as ran.

The soldiers then dressed Christ in purple,
A thorny crown placed on His head.
"Prophesy!" they cried out, as they hit Him.
"You must die for the things You have said."

Now the leaders took Jesus to Pilate.
He was Governor, and his word was law.
After hours of questioning, he pondered.
This man Jesus had left him in awe.

Pilate's wife said, "Don't you condemn Him.
He's a righteous Man. He's done no wrong."

Pilate tried to persuade all the people:
But finally gave in to the throng.

So they led Christ away to Golgotha.
The Jews had rejected their King.
He was nailed to the cross between robbers.
So salvation to mankind He could bring.

But death could not hold our Redeemer.
He arose, triumphant o'er sin.
He returned to His Father in Heaven.
And Praise God! He is coming again.

From all the gospels.

Helen Dowd


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