What Would You Have Done?
Helen Dowd

It may have been two thousand years ago that Christ came to earth to live as a man, to die as our Savior. You may say that you had nothing to do with His death and suffering. But you did. I did. All mankind did.

Here are a few questions to think about. The final answer is up to you.

If you'd been with Christ in Gethsemane
When He prayed His agonizing prayer,
If He'd asked you to pray for an hour,
Would you have stayed awake while there?

If you'd been with Christ on that evening,
Realizing that danger was near,
Would you have stood up for your Master?
Would you have cut off someone's ear?

If you'd been one of the disciples
On that evening so dark, and so dim,
When they led Christ away to the courtroom,
Would you have run off and left Him?

If you'd followed the crowd to the trial,
Would you have looked on, not too near?
If someone had cried, "He was with Him!"
Would you have stayed true, through your fear?

If you had been watching when they mocked Him,
When the mob hollered, "Crucify Him!
Release to us Killer-Barabas.,"
Would you have stood up for Him then?

If you'd been in the town on that morning,
When Christ climbed that Golgotha hill,
Would you have pretended not to notice,
Trying to hide, but following still?

Have you ever thought of these questions?
Have they entered your mind now and then?
If you haven't, take time now to ponder.
Think about them, time and again.

You were there at the Cross with Christ Jesus.
You did watch as He suffered alone.
Did you know that for you He was dying?
'Twas for your sins Christ died, to atone?

May you cry, "Oh Savior, have mercy.
I am sorry for all I have done."
Let Christ smile and say, "You're forgiven.
Over sin, the VICTORY is won."

You were there when He cried, "It is finished"
You were there, at His empty tomb.
Were you there when He sent down His Spirit?
Are you waiting for Christ's soon return?

I am. I hope you are too!

2001, Helen Dowd


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