Judas versus Peter
Helen Dowd

JUDAS the Betrayer: PETER, the Rock.

Both Peter and Judas were disciples.
Each one called Jesus their "Lord."
They talked and they walked with the Savior.
They both heard the very same words.

But Judas just feigned his devotion.
His mind was on SELF, and on GREED.
His heart he had given to Satan,
He chose to follow his lead.

Simon Peter pledged LOVE to his Master.
He said, "You, I'll never forsake!"
But when asked to watch, in the Garden
Poor Simon could not stay awake.

Judas led soldiers to the Garden.
He had made a pact with the troop.
"The One I kiss is the culprit."
Oh Judas! How low can you stoop?

Peter, in defense of his Master,
Pulled his sword and cut off a man's ear.
Jesus picked up the ear, and He healed it.
Saying, "Peter, there's no need for your spear."

Both men followed Christ to the courtroom:
There, Judas collected his pay.
Simon Peter warmed his hands at the fire,
Denying he'd been with Jesus that day.

They convicted the Lord at the trial.
It was over. Their Lord now must die.
Jesus turned and He looked straight at Peter.
Peter realized, his Lord he'd denied.

Now Judas went back to the temple,
When he realized the result of his greed.
He cried, "Here's your money. He's not guilty.
I've committed a terrible deed."

The priests in the temple turned coldly.
"What do we care? That problem is yours!"
Judas threw down his pieces of silver,
Rushing headlong right out of those doors.

But instead of turning to Jesus,
Who would have forgiven his sin,
Judas went to the Valley of Hinnom,
And sadly, he did himself in.

But Peter, on hearing the cock crow,
Turned and saw Jesus looking his way.
He remembered that Jesus had told him
That he would surely deny Him that day.

Peter, too, ran into the darkness.
He fled to the Garden of Prayer.
He had been there earlier with Jesus.
There he called out to God, in despair.

Although his Lord wasn't with him,
Peter knew that his sin, Christ forgot.
From then on, instead of Simon the Coward,
He was Peter, Victorious--the Rock.

Helen Dowd


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