Oh Lord, Hear Me Pray
by Helen Dowd

Psalm 55.

Oh, Lord, hear me pray.
Don't hide far away.
Please listen, and heed what I say.
....Can't you hear my complaint?
....Don't you see when I faint?
Your attention I need most today.

My heart's full of woe,
For the voice of my foe
Is with me wherever I go.
....He oppresses me sore,
....Behind and before.
My opponent has struck his cruel blow.

Give me wings like a dove.
May I soar skies above
‘Til I find me a wilderness cove.
....For then I'll find peace,
....And my sorrows will cease.
There I'll stay hidden out in a grove.

I've been hurt by a friend:
This I can't comprehend.
On each other we did always depend.
....He would walk by my side--
....My equal, my guide:
His treason caused our friendship to end.

Though the battle is long,
And the enemy strong,
I know that to God I belong.
....Morning, noontime, and night,
....In the midst of the fight,
I will call to my Lord with a song.

God is always close by.
He will not let me die.
He is listening for my desperate cry.
....I will trust in the Lord.
....His PEACE my reward.
All injustice He'll soon rectify.

© Helen Dowd.


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