Somebody Prayed
by Helen Dowd

Written by Edna Wunsch, May 24, 1992

Edna cannot be a guest author. She would be, if I could ask her, but she went to Glory a few years ago. Edna was a friend of our family from the time I was a pre-teen. We remained in contact down through the years. Twice a year we, along with many of her friends and family, would receive a hand-written letter, telling about her work with young people, in southern Alberta. Often, included with her letter, were wonderful poems she had written. This is one of them.

Somebody Prayed

God’s work slowed down.
We were dismayed:
Till somebody prayed.

Trouble at home—
A loved one strayed:
Then—somebody prayed.

The way grew dark.
We were afraid,
But—somebody prayed.

They came to naught--
The plans we made:
Till somebody prayed.

“Oh God, we need a lift.
Our load’s been heavy-made.”
But praise the Lord,
At last—somebody prayed.

We lean upon you, friends,
And Satan’s force is stayed—
Because YOU prayed.

And when we’re home at last,
And life’s last scene is played,
We’ll know we made it through—
Because somebody prayed.

Thank you, Edna. We know you are happy in God’s place. We’ll see you soon.



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