From Slave To Son
by Helen Dowd

Once I belonged to Satan.
He told me what to do.
He took me for his henchman:
He owned me through and through.

He tempted me with evil.
He taunted me with fame.
I lived to serve the devil.
His true slave I became.

I searched for earthly treasure.
I looked for worldly gain.
It gave me fleeting pleasure--
But life seemed, oh, so vain.

And then I heard a whisper:
ďOn Satan, donít rely.
He is the Great Deceiver.
His ways donít satisfy.

But, child, Christ paid your ransom.
He settled up sinís score.
He wants you in His Kingdom:
Be Satanís slave no more.Ē

I ran then to Godís shelter.
From Satanís grip I fled.
My bonds fell helter-skelter:
Iím Christís love-child instead.

Now Heís my personal Saviour.
Heís set me free from sin.
Heís altered my behaviour:
Christ Jesus dwells within.

© Helen Dowd


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