Sheryl Splane

Where is PEACE and where is HOPE or SECURITY?
When evil plots with guns and bombs befall humanity.
When news reveals despairing tales of hatred and deceit,
There is no safe place to hide or haven of retreat.

Tranquility is often sought by varied recreation,
In a spa or perhaps in depth of meditation.
But all in all, no rest is found in life's great adventures.
Seeking wealth or finding fame provides no lasting treasures.

But look into the gentle face of a baby boy,
Born upon a starry night many years ago.
Watch Him grow up with grace, favoured by God and man.
See Him there at Jordan where God's dove descends on Him.

Find Him teaching, healing sick and raising up the dead,
Calming storms and feeding crowds with a meager loaf of bread.
Then see Him hanging on a cross, mocked, despised, alone,
as a mighty voice from heav'n declares Him as His own.

This very One who lived and died and rose up from the grave,
Dispelling darkness sin and death, He has the pow'r to save -
The Son of God who came to earth to live here among us,
Breaking chains, setting free, WHOEVER, in Him will trust.

Where is PEACE and where is HOPE and SECURITY?
Look up into the face of God, and there you will see.
You need not fear or despair these troubled, anxious days,
This very One who died for you, He has the power to save.

Sheryl Splane

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