The Flight of the Fearful Prophet

Israel, God's people had wandered from God, their Lord.
He'd given several warnings, which the nation all ignored.
So God called in Elijah to declare: "God's sending drought!"
King Ahab and Queen Jezebel said: "What's Elijah on about?"

But soon the waters all dried up. People commenced to die.
Queen Jezebel called her god in, and to it she did cry.
But still the rains, they didn't come. God Baal just did not hear.
And as the days grew into years, the worst that queen did fear.

"Where is that man Elijah?" Queen Jezebel then said.
"I will not stop my searching until that Prophet's dead.
It's all his fault this drought has come. He's ruined all our land.
So get out there and find him. This is the king's command."

Elijah then was frightened. He took off on a trot.
God led him to Brook Cherith, to a very secret spot.
For days the ravens fed him, and from Cherith did he drink.
But then to his great horror, the stream began to shrink.

God pointed him to Zarephath, to hide at a widow's place.
He stayed there 'til God told him: "The King now you must face:
Arise! Go stage a contest. Call in the prophets of Baal.
And you and I will sit and laugh when we hear those seers wail."

The challenge now was over. Fire from heaven had come.
And all the folks who witnessed it were suddenly struck dumb.
And then with one accord, they cried: "We've seen God here today!"
God said then to Elijah: "Those false prophets you must slay."

When Ahab told Queen Jezebel: "Baal's prophets have been slain!"
She yelled, "How could that happen? Elijah is to blame!
Where is that man Elijah?" Queen Jezebel then said.
Get out there now and find him. I want that prophet's head!"

So Elijah started running, running for his life.
He knew the vicious wickedness of weak King Ahab's wife.
He ran and ran until he found a place where he could hide.
He lay down so exhausted that he thought he may have died.

"Oh God, will you not help me? Do you not even care?
You are the Lord, Jehovah! Can't you hear my desperate prayer?
"Where are you God?" he cried aloud. "Why have you hid from me?
I've done Your will the best I could. And now I've had to flee?"

Elijah dreamed a dream just then. He was sure he'd really died...
An angel came with food and drink. Elijah soon revived.
Again he started running, Mount Horeb was his aim.
He next fell down, exhausted--until he heard his name.

"Elijah, faithful servant. I've heard your prayer and cry.
I'm always right beside you. I will not let you die.
Go now into the mountain. A lesson you will learn.
Just stand still there and listen 'til My power you can discern."

A dust storm, earthquake, fire, came roaring through the air.
Elijah stood and waited. But God's presence wasn't there.
And then he heard a whisper: A voice so soft and clear.
"Elijah, my good servant, what are you doing here?"

And still in that soft whisper, he heard the voice again:
"I am not finished with you. Keep tuned to hear My plan."

Based on I Kings 17 19.

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