Awesome January

January is here in all of its glory! Quite a month December has been. Here in our part of the country - S.W. British Columbia, Canada, we do not usually have too much snow or cold weather; however, this year December showed his true colours... He gave us a taste of real winter...very cold, strong winds, blizzardy contions. But he went out gracefully--a great day yesterday. However, this morning we woke up to fluffy egg-sized snow flakes. Quite a start for the New Year. But at the same time, if we look at it with the right attitude, January can be awesome. 

This morning I was out for awhile. There was no wind and it wasn't the least bit cold. I said, "If I were twelve, I would be having a great old time, playing in the snow with my dog." But I am NOT twelve. And Corky doesn't like the snow. So we came in to a nice warm house...Thank the Lord that we have that....I felt sorry for the little birds, so sprinkled the snow on our porch with wheat and bread scraps. They thanked me by indulging. The two stray cats that we feed looked pretty miserable this morning, creeping up onto the porch for their expected meal. It was there waiting, as usual.

December slinks into the past.
He gives a trembling moan.
He hauls away the old year’s trash.
So weary, and alone.

For January speeds to town
Upon his might horse.
He whirls his winter whip around,
Displaying fearsome force.

He lashes through the countryside,
Demanding to be heard.
He rules with violent cruelty,
Mankind, and beast, and bird.

The trees he flays with frenzy, too.
Their branches bend and break.
And bushes, shrubs, and meadow grass
All quiver, cringe, and quake.

His fury flogs the lakes and streams.
They freeze at his command.
When January comes to town,
There’s awe throughout the land.

© Helen Dowd


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