Mary and Judas
by Helen Dowd

Mary sat at Jesus’ feet.
His words she loved to hear.
She followed Him from town to town.
She wanted to be near.

Judas walked by Jesus’ side.
The Savior’s voice he heard.
He followed Him from town to town,
But didn’t heed His word.

Mary brought some costly oil
To pour on Jesus’ head.
She knew He was to suffer soon,
And to His death be led.

Mary wept on Jesus’ feet.
She dried them with her hair.
Her loving fingers rubbed His feet
With fragrant perfume, rare.

Judas scorned her for her act.
He thought she showed poor taste.
Its worth would feed a lot of poor.
He said it was a waste.

Judas sold the Master out:
Betrayal by a kiss.
He wept great tears of sad remorse,
And hanged himself for this.

Mary watched her Savior die.
She watched from far away.
She followed to the sepulcher,
To where His body lay.

Mary went to Jesus’ grave
With spice and oils, sweet.
But He was gone, and in His place
Two angels did she meet.

And angel spoke, “Why do you weep?
For Jesus is not dead.
He is not here. He’s risen,
Just like He always said."

Mary’s heart was filled with joy.
She ran to spread the word.
“The sepulcher is empty:

© Helen Dowd


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