A Mother's Quest
Helen Dowd

Matthew 19; Mark 10; Luke 18

She stood by a well in Judea, a pitcher on her head.
A little girl clung tightly to her gown.
She saw a troop approaching. It seemed that one Man led.
She watched, and then she set her pitcher down.
She picked up her small daughter, and to her child she said,
“It’s Jesus, the Great Healer’s come through town.”

The mother, so determined to meet Him, fell in behind the crowd,
She knew that Christ could heal her little child.
She wormed her way closer to Jesus, “I must seem Him, “she then vowed.
She didn’t care that those around seemed riled.
She marveled at those who followed: the humble, the rich, and the proud.
Some praised Him, while others just reviled.

And now the Lord was sitting, His hands raised to the sky.
The mother tried to bring her child to Him.
The disciples firmly forbad her; her plea they did deny.
Her hope that Christ could heal her girl grew dim.
But Jesus heard the commotion. He asked His helpers, “Why?”
The little ones are My most precious gems.”

Christ picked up the child, and He blessed her. He touched her blinded eyes.
He said to all the children, “Come to Me.”
The mothers all rushed then to Jesus; “Bless our infants,” was their cry.
He placed the little ones upon His knee.
“You must all become as small children to enter my Kingdom on High.
So humble yourselves, and I will set you free.”

The mother went back to her village. She reported all she had seen.
She showed her friends that her child now had her sight.
She told how the Lord healed her daughter, how He’d made some lepers clean.
“He’s Messiah, and He’s come to set things right!
This Jesus is God’s Son, sent from heaven. He’s come to intervene.”
On the mother’s face there shone a glorious light.

© Helen Dowd


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