Flower Tranquility
Helen Dowd

To calm my soul when life is hard
I find respite in my backyard,
And inner turmoil disregard

I sit and stare at the flowers there
And smell the lovely morning air.
And all at once, I have no care.

The pansies all smile up at me.
They seem as happy as can be!
It makes my soul seem, oh so free.

Roses don't worry about what's beyond,
Or that their pedals drop to the ground.
They cheerfully spread their perfume 'round.

And daisies wave their pretty heads.
They don't consider that soon they'll be dead.
They share their loveliness instead.

The flowers know only what they see.
They have no care of what will be.
I learn from them TRANQUILITY.

Helen Dowd


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