Angel On My Steering Wheel
by Helen Dowd

I believe that God sends His angels to protect us in times of great distress or need. The Bible talks about it time and time again.

I have felt the presence of God's angels more than once. But the one particular time that stands out in my memory is the time that God sent an angel to sit on the steering wheel of the car I was driving, to guide me. I have no sense of direction. I can go in one door of a store and go out another, and I am completely lost. If I can't see my husband at all times in a large supermarket, I panic.

But the time I had in mind when I wrote this poem was unusually stressful. I had to do an impossible thing, drive through Toronto, Ontario, to a town about one hundred miles down the freeway. I live in a quiet town in Western Canada, and had never driven in heavy traffic. I had my teenage niece with me. I was supposed to be following the car my husband was driving, but I lost him about one block from our starting point. So I was on my own. Or was I? I don't think so. I had no idea where I was going. I had no idea where to turn off the freeway. It was night, and the lights were blinding. I was terrified. I just knew I was never to see my husband again, or deliver my niece to my brother, safe and sound.

Of course I prayed. Really hard! And then I turned off the freeway, down a quieter road. I turned into a restaurant parking lot. There were my husband and my brother waiting for me. I had gotten to my destination, the very place we had prearranged to meet. I don't know HOW I got there. Or, YES, I DO. An angel sat on the steering wheel, guiding me.

Daniel 6; Acts 12; Ps. 34:7

Do you believe in angels?
I really hope you do.
If you are in Godís family
Theyíre looking after you.

If ever youíre in danger,
And your heart is filled with fear,
Just think about Godís angels.
They are always hovering near.

Remember prophet Daniel,
Down in the lionsí den?
Godís angels did surround him.
He wasnít fearful then.

When Peter was in prison,
God sent His angel down.
The iron gates were opened.
Peter walked right through the town.

Do you believe in angels?
Well, I most surely do.
I know they will protect me.
Believe me. It is true.

One time when I was driving,
So lost, and on my own,
I felt so very frightened,
Confused, and far from home.

The lights were coming at me.
The road I didnít know.
I had no way of knowing
What way I ought to go.

God sent an angel to me
To guide me on that night.
He sat right there beside me.
He knew about my fright.

He steered me through the traffic--
I know He did, back then.
And since, Iíve felt Godís angel
Time and time again.

Donít you believe in angels?
Read Psalm thirty-four, verse seven.
Thereís an angel camped around you.
Godís protection will be given.

© Helen Dowd.


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