Tongues Afire!
Helen Dowd

James 3

Oh, the tongue is so small, but its influence, great.
A word said in anger or blame,
like a spark in a forest on a dry windy day,
can start oneís whole world aflame.

A tongue is unruly. It cannot be tamed:
It can spew out both cursing and praise.
It can boast of great virtue, of kindness, of fame,
and then set some gossip ablaze.

But the tongue of the wise will be sparked with Godís praise.
Its fire will descend from above.
That tongue will say only whatís seasoned with grace,
Igniting a warm spirit of love.

Oh Lord, I do ask that Youíll give me today
Only words that are gentle and kind.
May Thy grace be reflected in things that I say:
Love, Joy, Peace, and Wisdom combined.

© Helen Dowd.


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