From Law To Grace
Helen Dowd

Based on Galatians 2 & 3

I once was a slave,
under curse of the Law,
not accepting that Christ
had settled sinís score.

I thought in myself
I could keep Godís commands,
but fell so far short of
what His law demands.

The Commandments condemned me:
I was sentenced to die.
For mercy I pleaded.
For grace I did cry.

'Twas then that I saw it:
Christ died in my stead.
He paid the full ransom:
To the law Iím now dead.

I now live in Christ,
and He lives in me.
The law canít entrap me:
forever Iím free.

I live by His Spirit--
no longer condemned.
For Christ is my Savior.
On faith I depend.

Each day in the morning
I rise up to pray.
I ask that Godís grace
in me Heíll display.

May love, joy, and peace
flow out from my heart
that I might to others
Christís Spirit impart.

© Helen Dowd


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