Man of Sorrows: Hosanna!
Helen Dowd

Man of sorrows, Son of God,
what road of suffering You have trod.
For my own sin, that path You took.
By Your own Father, You were forsook.
God turned His back. He could not look.

God saw my sin upon His Son,
My sins, and those of everyone.
Upon the cross He bore the shame.
For all mankind, He took the blame.
Because of that, let's praise His name.

"What shall I do with Jesus?"
The question still remains.
Shall I have Him for my Savior?
Or crucify Him again?
Don't point your finger at others.
Don't lay on them the guilt.
If we too reject our Savior,
It's as if we had Him killed.

Oh Jesus, I was with You, with You on that day.
I was among the women who walked along the way.
I winced at seeing soldiers poking You with spears.
My heart was filled with sorrow; my eyes were filled with tears.
I gasped that time You stumbled. I saw Your weary face.
The memories of that cruelty, I just cannot erase.

The sun was rising higher, higher in the sky.
I saw the women weeping. I heard their desperate cry.
And then I saw You turning, turning toward the crowd.
Your eyes searched for the women who are calling out to God.
I heard You tell them gently, “Oh, do not weep for Me.
Weep only for your children, that they will be set free.”
And then the vision vanished. I was no longer there,
Walking with the women, sharing their despair.
However, I am praying that the scene will stay with me,
Of being with the women on the walk to Calvary.

Hosanna in the Highest,
I cast my garments down.
I humbly bow before Thee.
On Thee I place a crown.
You are my Lord and Savior.
You gave your life for me.
I wave my palms before You.
From sin You've set me free.
Hosanna in the Highest!
My praise I give to Thee.
Exalted now in Heaven,
You'll soon come back for me.

Loving Savior, make me true.
Keep me from denying You.
May I never fail You, Lord:
Not by silence, not by word.
You who suffered agony
For my sins, to set me free,
Fill my heart with love for Thee,
So that those around may see,
That I am Your disciple true,
Living only, Lord, for You.

© Helen Dowd


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