The Tempter
by Helen Dowd

When the world is all against you,
And you're backed up to the wall,
When old Satan tells you God is not awake,
Just remember, he's the TEMPTER,
And the father of all lies,
He will lead you on, and then your soul he'll take.

He will whisper oh, so subtly,
"Come, and I will show the way.
I will lead you down an easy path to take."
Then he'll take you through a garden
Where the sun comes streaming through:
"This is mine, all mine. I bid you to partake."

But you must resist temptation.
Our Lord Jesus showed the way.
Old Satan tempted Him, beyond belief.
He showed Christ his many kingdoms,
And He said, "All these are yours,
If You'll only bow and worship me as "Chief".

But the Lord rebuked the devil:
"Get behind me, Lucifer,
For you know it's God alone that you must serve.
It is Him that we must worship.
He it is who is the Chief."
No! The TEMPTER could not get the Lord to swerve.

So remember, when the TEMPTER
Comes behind you with his wiles,
Jesus Christ is there to help you overcome.
He will take your hand and lead you.
He will steer you down His path.
Put your trust in Jesus Christ;
He'll lead you home.

The Lord is our strength. He'll be there for us. He has been through any temptation that is thrown at us. He knows our frailties. Although we may stumble, God will be there to pick us up. He has made an An Escape Route for every temptation which comes along.

Helen Dowd


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