Spring Is Here
Helen Dowd

"Cheer up! Cheer up!" the robin sings today.
For spring will soon be here.
The snow has melted almost clear away.
The sky is blue and clear.

Out in the pasture crocuses appear.
They bear the news of spring.
The pussy willows purr with springtime cheer.
Pure joy to all they bring.

The sunny dandelions all pop up.
They spread their smiles around.
And soon we'll see the dainty buttercup
Peek up from out the ground.

Green leaves on trees and shrubs and bushes sprout,
And birds all gather 'round.
The happy little children laugh and shout:
The hillsides all resound.

The air's alive with merry springtime tunes,
Borne gently on the breeze:
Like mating calls of geese and ducks and loons,
And buzzing of the bees.

Hooray! Hooray! For spring has come at last.
Let's put our blues away.
Old winter now has slunk into the past.
And summer's on its way.

Helen Dowd


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