Happy Valentine's Day
Helen Dowd

Heartfelt Expressions of Love

How Can I Tell You?

How can I tell you just how that I feel
When I can't find the right things to say?
How can I tell you how deep is my love
When the words keep on floating away?
How can I thank you for being my pal?
For loving me day after day?
For letting me tell you my silliest dream?

For helping me find my way?
How can I show you how glad that I am
That I have such a great pal as YOU?
Someone to walk with, and talk with, to share,
Someone so loyal and true.

To My Valentine

Valentine's Day to some folks may mean
Giving flowers, or candy, or cards
To express to a friend, or a lover, or spouse,
The thoughts they can't say with mere words.
But Valentine's Day, to me means much more.
It is sharing each part of my day.
It means loving and caring, my heart so in tune,
That you're with me, even when you're away.

Anyone wishing to "borrow" these words may do so.

This is my valentine to you. Helen


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