Christmas Memories
Helen Dowd

What better time than Christmas to set our thoughts adrift to Christmases past. Our thoughts are sometimes sad, as mine are, when I think of loved ones and neighbors who have passed away at Christmas, or near to it, or since last Christmas. Although the persons whom you loved are gone, their memories are not, nor ever will be. For my husband and me, December 20th and December 23rd are days we shall never forget. These are the anniversaries of the loss of two very close loved ones. To us, Christmas is a time for reflection and recollection of Christmases sad and happy.

Christmas is a perfect time
to sit and recollect,
a time to set our thoughts adrift--
on memories, reflect.
Christmas is an ideal time
to think on days of yore,
to dwell on happy times weíve had
on Christmases before.

What better time to think of friends,
our friends both near and far,
to get you up to date on us,
and find out how you are.
And Christmas is a time to think
of friends no longer here.
Although we cannot see them,
we feel their presence near.

Christmas is a time to rest,
a time to stop awhile.
Itís time to greet our neighbors
with a special Christmas smile.
Christmas is a perfect time
to set aside our beefs.
Itís time to count our blessings,
instead of all our griefs.

Christmas is a perfect time
to think of Bethlehem:
Christ left His heavenly home on high,
gave up His diadem
to bring mankind his PERFECT GIFT:
Himself, in humble birth.
Born in a manger meant for cows,
Christ came to live on earth.

© Helen Dowd

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