No Room For The Christ of Christmas
Helen Dowd

Have you gone into the malls lately, to do your "Christmas" shopping? You canít help notice the lights, and the razzle-dazzle, and the Santa Clauses, and the attractive decorations. You canít help hearing Season-related music blaring from speakers all over the place. Everywhere you look there are things to entice you to buy, buy, buy. On television the adds are announcing wonderful things which your children, or your parents, or your spouse, or your lover would like, to give them the perfect Christmas. But the CENTRAL PERSON of Christmas is absent: CHRIST. In fact, it seems that these days it is "politically incorrect" to associate CHRISTíS name with CHRISTMAS. Ironical, isnít it?

Yes! It just seems that CHRIST is crowded completely out. There is just no room for the CHRISTof CHRISTMAS.

Oh, where is the Christ Child of Christmas?
Now, what have we done unto Him?
God sent down His dear Son from heaven:
a Gift, to save us from sin.
But on that historic, first Christmas
they could not find room in the Inn.
Christ was born in a barn, with the cattle--
on some hay, in a musty feed-bin.

They call this the blest Christmas season.
Excitement explodes through the air.
The streets are so crowded with people
who dash in and out, here and there.
Theyíre driven into a wild frenzy.
Theyíre caught in the mad buyerís snare.
But where is the Christ Child of Christmas?
Have you seen Him around anywhere?

The streets are ablaze with bright lighting.
The malls are all bursting with toys.
We see Santa Clause with all of his reindeer
enticing small girls, and wee boys.
Thereís holly, and tinsel, and trinkets.
Thereís music, and laughter, and noise.
There is food, and thereís fun, and thereís frolic.
But itís hard to find any real JOY.

Oh, where is the Christ Child of Christmas?
Pray, what have we done unto Him?
Is He pushed away off in a corner?
Or lost midst the wrappings and trim?
He stands at the door, and Heís knocking.
Will we be inviting Him in?
Or will CHRIST be removed from our
just because weíve no room in our inn?

Letís think on this over this Christmas.

Letís leave room in our hearts and in our lives for the Christ of Christmas.

© Helen Dowd

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