Just A Small Seed Of Faith
Helen Dowd

Matthew 17:20

Do you have some rocky mountain in your life you canít surmount?
Are there bends along your path you fear to turn?
Are the worries that torment you far too numerous to count?
For solutions to your problems do you yearn?

In your heart you know Godís able, your problems to dissolve,
But the devilís filled your head all up with doubt.
Oh, your pathís so steep and rocky that your fears you canít resolve,
And the faith you have is just a mustard sprout.

With God nothing is impossible, so use your seed of faith:
He is holding out His hand for you to take.
He will smooth the way before you. He will guide you on the path.
So just trust Him. He will not His child forsake.

Just A Little Silk Thread

© Helen Dowd

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