I'm Just Too Busy, Lord
Helen Dowd

"I'm just too busy, Lord
to read your Word today."
I shuffled through the Bible,
then put the Book away.

"I'm just too busy, Lord,
to take the time to pray."
I'm sure God will forgive me.
I'm just too rushed today.

"I'm just too busy, Lord
to help that friend in need."
I hear God's inner prompting,
but I've no time to heed.

"I'm just too busy, Lord,
to stop and worship You."
Today's the day I'm planning
for me, some things to do.

I had a dream one night.
I knocked on heaven's door.
An angry angel answered:
"What are you knocking for?

"God's far too busy now.
He has no time for you.
On earth you were too busy.
So now, God's busy, too."

He turned away from me.
I stood there all alone.
I felt such utter blackness,
the likes I've never known.

When I awoke next morning,
I knelt beside my bed:
"From now on, make me busy
for You, my Lord, instead."

© Helen Dowd

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