Watch Out For the Sneak Attack
Helen Dowd

The devil's ways are sneaky.
He comes chattering in your ear:
"Oh don't worry, Sister, Brother;
I'm not here to cause you fear.
I am here to give you pleasure,
I am here to bring you wealth."

Be on guard, Oh Christian brethren:
Of the devil's crafty stealth.

He will trick you into thinking
That he's not a bad old sort,
That he isn't out to get you
Just to give a little sport.
He will say it's games he's playing.
He will lull you off to sleep.
Then he'll rip you all to pieces,
As a cougar does to sheep.

So, beware of Satan's chattering.
Donít let Satan get too near.
Just stay close to Christ the Shepherd.
Let it be His voice you hear.
He will keep His eye upon you.
He will guard you from all ill.
If you've strayed, come back to Jesus.
For He is your Shepherd still.
The Sneak Attack

© Helen Dowd.

Psalm 22:19: "Be not thou far from me, O Lord:
O my strength, haste thee to help me."

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