Touched By A Rainbow
Helen Dowd

He was in a heap of trouble, and his world was turned around.
He felt that Luck had kicked him and had knocked him to the ground.
It was then, while he was lying there, defeated and alone
Luck's brother, Fate did pummel him, delighting in his groan.

He could feel that he was beaten--down to his very soul.
Whenever he would try to rise to reach toward his goal,
Those brothers grim would strike again and send him for a roll.
They'd laugh with glee at seeing how their torture took its toll.

He was at his very lowest. He had given up the fight.
He spent his days in shadow, and his life was one long night.
He found no joy in living. He was just a dreadful sight.
He thought of ways to end it all to free him from his plight.

While he wallowed in his misery, a storm began to grow.
The sky was dark and full of rage. The clouds were hanging low;
The rain and hail came pelting down. The winds, how they did blow.
He stayed right in the midst of it: it matched his mood just so.

It was then he saw a wondrous sight. He watched in ecstasy:
A beam exploded from the sky, like a searchlight from the sea.
Its rays in splintered colors were filtering through the trees.
It was as if an angel had come down to set his spirit free.

From his heart a desperate prayer escaped. He wiped away his tears.
And then the rainbow touched him, dispelling all his fears.
He knew that things would now go right. His soul began to cheer.
For an
ANGEL brought a RAINBOW down to tell him God was near.

Helen Dowd

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