Faith Answered
Helen Dowd

I John 4:18

FEAR knocked on my door. I trembled.
I shrivelled up inside.
FEAR showed up uninvited.
I tried to run and hide.
FEAR knew that he was my master.
He laughed! He had me tied.

CHRIST knocked on my door. I answered.
I said, “Please come inside.”
CHRIST said, “You need not be frightened,
if you with Me abide.”
CHRIST then became my new Master.
I’ll trust. FAITH’S on my side.

FAITH knocked on my door. He entered.
My trust I do declare.
When FEAR shows up uninvited,
To CHRIST I breathe a prayer.
FAITH throws my heart’s door wide open.
FEAR’S gone! There’s no one there.

© Helen Dowd

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