A King Within
Helen Dowd

I Samuel 16:1-13

Next time you feel unlovely,
or your mirror says your plain,
just think about King David;
then take a look again.

When God looked for a Monarch,
he passed up seven men.
He had his eye on David—
a shepherd—for His king.
God said to Prophet Samuel,
"King Saul's a sad disgrace.
Go pick from Jesse's children
a king, to take his place."

The prophet called Eliab,
so handsome and so tall.
"I'm sure this is God's chosen.
He's the finest of them all."
But God said, "No! Keep searching.
You look with outward eyes.
I look upon the inside.
That's where the true self lies."

Then Samuel said to Jessie,
"Bring on your other sons.
Let each one pass before me:
I'll know God's chosen one."
But Samuel was puzzled,
"Just seven sons you had?"
"Oh no," said father Jesse.
"There's still the shepherd lad."

Now, there in front of Samuel
stood David, with a sheep.
God spoke: "He is my 'Chosen
'My Word I know he'll keep."
God saw inside of David.
He knew he loved the Truth.
He didn't see his garment;
He didn't mind his youth.

Man sees just on the outside,
but God's eyes search within.
If your heart's right with Jesus,
to Him, you are a king.

© Helen Dowd

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