The Flowers Cry
Helen Dowd

There are many types of flowers
That bloom in early spring,
Announcing that the winter's gone.
What joy their presence brings.
First there are hardy snowdrops,
Shyly peeping through the snow.
They silently are whispering:
"Old Winter, you must go."

Next pop up lovely crocuses.
They bravely show their face.
While winter snow's still melting.
They now the landscape grace.
There are yellow ones, and purple,
Mixed in with pink and blue.
Their brightness lifts the spirit.
They give us hope anew.

The grass, once brown and soggy,
Is turning shiny green.
Oh look! There are new flowers coming!
"Forget-me-not!" they scream.
Now all around, you'll notice,
Other growing things.
All nature starts a'shouting:
"It's spring! It's spring! It's spring!"

Oh look! Now yellow daffodils
Fill up the flowerbeds.
"Wake up! Wake up!" they're saying.
It's time to show our heads.
Rise up, you lazy violets.
Come on, you buds and blooms.
Burst forth and show your color.
It cannot be too soon!

Now watch in all the valleys,
And down around the streams.
It's like a resurrection.
For everything's turned green.
Just hear the frogs all croaking.
They're happy spring is here.
All nature sings in harmony.

The springtime brings such cheer.

2002, Helen Dowd

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