Bonny Spring
Helen Dowd

See? Bonny Spring is waking up now from her winter's nap.
She shakes her sleepy little head to start the flow of sap;
And then she turns the sky-tap on to wash the hillsides clean.
She tosses off her robe of white, puts on a dress of green.

Spring whispers, "Mother Nature, please set your captives free."
She puts a basket on her arm; it's full of joy and glee.
She tosses out some pussy willows, snowdrops, and crocuses,
And scatters dandelions around, and throws in bees to buzz.

Our Bonny Spring sings happy tunes and sends them on a breeze
Who tells the birds away down south the lakes will soon unfreeze,
And that the trees are growing leaves to build their houses in.
She bids them come to join her song, to set the world a-spin.

And even in the barnyard Bonny Spring is at her play.
She listens for the bleat of lambs, or for a wee colt's neigh.
She holds her breath in awe each time she sees a calf, so new.
She laughs aloud when puppies whine, or newborn kittens mew.

Yes, Mother Nature's had her say, and all the country's glad.
She's sent old Winter off to bed--just he alone is sad.
He's done his job of cleansing, pruning, whipping into shape,
And now it's time for Bonny Spring to change the whole landscape.

Helen Dowd

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