A Brick Of Gold
Helen Dowd

Job 23

"Oh, I am His, and He is mine."
I knew it in my heart.
But I felt lost, let down, and sad,
And totally distraught.
I'd done no wrong that I knew of;
I'd followed God's command.
So why was God so far away?--
Like, in some other land?

My friends were gone, my family too.
They'd all deserted me.
I turned to God. He wasn't there,
Like in Job twenty-three.
Job, too, was sad, his soul so sore;
His God he could not trace.
"Where are You. Lord?" he yelled one day.
"Will you not hear my case?"

Job said, "My mouth is filled with words;
I'm in the courtroom now.
I'm ready there, my cause all planned,
Prepared to swear my vow.
How will His Worship litigate?
What will His judgment be?
With His great power, will He condemn?
Or put His strength in me?

"I'm waiting there in the witness box.
To the bench, I turn around.
I look to the left; I look to the right;
The Judge cannot be found.
'Where do you hide?' I cry aloud.
I need you for my Umpire.
My friends have turned, my family--gone.
I may as well expire.

"But, No!" Job said then, "I can't quit.
He knows the way I take.
He has not left me all alone:
His child He'll not forsake."
Job bowed his head. He felt so shamed.
He knew his God of old!
"My ways He'll keep, and when I'm tried
I'll come forth pure as gold."

So I, like Job, will trust my Lord,
For I know He's always present.
His steps I'll take. His ways uphold,
Though life may seem unpleasant.
God knows His mind: I can't dictate
What trials He'll send my way,
But God is with me. I'm assured!
So I'll praise Him every day.

2002, Helen Dowd

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