The Lad With The Lunch
Helen Dowd

The lad woke at dawn, all excited.
Today was his birthday, you see.
He lived near a town called Bethsaida.
Very close to the sea, Galilee.

His mum had prepared him a picnic.
She told him, “Be home before dark.”
He meandered his way through the village,
Then walked to the wilderness park.

He saw there a great crowd of people.
They were listening to a Man dressed in white.
The boy nudged his way close to see Him.
He witnessed the blind receive sight.

The lad watched the man bless some children.
He saw Him make lame men to walk.
For hours and hours he listened,
Mesmerized by the Man’s wondrous talk.

All at once he heard a commotion:
The Man’s helpers were running around.
“It is late, and these people are hungry.
Master, never can enough of be found.”

"Send them home,” said another disciple.
“We haven’t the cash to buy bread.
There are thousands of men, women, children.
How ever can this crowd be fed?”

It was then the lad went to Andrew.
He had seen this disciple before.
He said, “Here are five loaves and two fishes.
It’s not much. I wish it were more.”

Andrew took the small lunch to the Master.
Jesus blessed it, and said, “It will do.
Sit the multitude down for this banquet.
There’ll be leftovers, too, when they’re through.”

The lad scurried home with the basket.
He handed it back to his mum.
“My lunch fed more than five thousand.
Yet there’s more there than when I left home.”

His words tumbled out, about Jesus:
How He blessed the fish and the bread.
He told her about all the miracles.
“He can even raise folks from the dead!"

The lad with the lunch, a year later,
Watched, as cruel men nailed his Friend to a tree.
He knelt at the feet of his Savior:
“Your death means, from sin I’m set free."

He had heard Jesus tell the disciples:
“In three days I will rise from the dead.”
So he waited for Christ at His graveside.
He believed what His Savior had said.

© Helen Dowd

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