For The Record
Helen Dowd

I had a dream last night.
I stood before the throne.
And on a great wide T.V. screen
My whole life there was shown.
My name was in plain view.
To all, God made me known.
I saw before my very eyes
The wicked seeds I'd sown.

I hung my head in shame.
I didn't like this show.
I saw there all the hidden things
I thought folks didn't know:
The private, secret thoughts,
Deceits from long ago,
The mean and selfish things I'd done.
The list began to grow.

But then the picture changed.
And on the T.V. screen
I saw Christ walking toward the Throne:
He'd come to intervene.
When God called out my name
I saw Christ step between.
I heard Him say, "I've paid the price."
He'd wiped the record clean.

And now another scene:
The screen was filled with light.
Again my name was written there.
But Christ had set things right.
I stood before the Throne,
Pure, in a robe of white.
A lasting memory will remain
Of the dream I had last night.

Helen Dowd.


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