The Easter Special
Helen Dowd

Told in present tense, ALL HAIL TO THE KING is not just a story. It is an experience.... You feel as if you are there, with Jesus and His disciples. You feel their fear, experience their doubts and their anxiety, as they walk and talk with their Master. Along with them, you are confused and frightened when their Leader is taken away. Along with the crowd you hear the sounds of the execution, the weeping of the women, men, and children who love Him. You cringe at the sound of the taunts from the crowd. You hear Christ’s cry as He calls out to His Father as He is abandoned by Him. Your heart is torn as you hear His last words, “It is finished.”

You are frightened at the ensuing darkness, the thunder and lightning, the opened graves and torn veil of the temple. You experience a new fear when you see the empty grave. An unbelievable joy envelops you when you realize that Christ is not in the grave. He is alive! You walk along with the disciples as they encounter Christ from time to time in the next few weeks.

And as a wonderful culmination, you gaze in awe as He is taken up again into heaven.

Along with Christ’s followers you go into the upper room to await the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Enter into the experience yourself as you read the story.

May you be blessed.

Study 1 - - - - A Majestic Parade--The KING Is Coming.
Study 2 - - - - There Was No Other Way.
Study 3 - - - - Sold - For Thirty Pieces Of Silver.
Study 4 - - - - What Mockery!
Study 5 - - - - And Then The Rooster Crowed.
Study 6 - - - - The Rejected King.
Study 7 - - - - On The Road To Calvary.
Study 8 - - - - On Golgotha's Hill.
Study 9 - - - - The Burial--Joseph and Nicodemus.
Study 10 - - - Jesus Is Alive! Our Master Lives!
Study 11 - - - Strange Things Happening.
Study 12 - - - Could It Really Be True?
Study 13 - - - The Truth Finally Dawns.
Study 14 - - - Sorrow Turns Into Joy.
Study 15 - - - The Thomas Special.
Study 16 - - - Peter Goes Fishing.
Study 17 - - - Christ's Final Farewell.
Conclusion - The King Is Welcomed Home.

© Helen Dowd

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