I Can Walk On Water
by Helen Dowd

Matthew 14:25-31. In this story Jesus is walking on the sea toward the boat. He is going to join the disciples, who had "left the shore earlier.” The disciples see the form on the water and think it is a spirit. Jesus calls out, calming their fears. Peter, the impulsive one, asks Jesus to prove that it is really He by bidding him to come to Him. Jesus calls him. Peter steps out in faith to go to Jesus.

Peter, realizing what is happening says, "Hey, look at me. I am walking on water!" That's when he makes his mistake. He looks at himself instead of keeping his eye on the Saviour.

This is a picture of me. I believe in Christ. Oh yes! I tell others of my faith. Oh yes! I even help others to trust in God, assuring them that God will help them, that He will see them through. Oh yes! And then the devil comes along and says, "Who are you to tell others to walk on water? LOOK! You're sinking." And THAT'S when I sink. Of course I can't walk on water. Who, but Christ can?

"Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death." I don't know who said this, but it doesn't matter. FAITH and FEAR cannot live together. It is impossible.

Peter did great while he kept his eyes on Jesus. When he realized what he was doing; then he saw the waves. He panicked. They began to swallow him. He was a "gonner!"

Whatever my waves are today, and however high they roll, I will keep my eyes on Jesus.

Now let's go one step further. When Peter saw the waves and started to sink, he called out to Jesus. That was his redemption. Even though he took his eyes off Christ and began to sink, he renewed his faith by calling out to the Lord. He put his faith once again in the One who he knew could save him.

The third point of this story is that Christ was there, ready to help. Would he have saved Peter if he had not called? I am sure He would have. But I am glad Matthew recorded this story this way. God wants US to call on Him.

Today when Christ bids me to come to Him, I will walk on the water. Today when FEAR knocks on my door I am sending FAITH to answer. I hope you do, too.


Faith Answered
I John 4:18

FEAR knocked on my door. I trembled.
I shriveled up inside.
FEAR showed up uninvited.
I tried to run and hide.
FEAR knew that he was my master.
He laughed! He had me tied.

CHRIST knocked on my door. I answered.
I said, “Please come inside.”
CHRIST said, “You need not be frightened,
if you with Me abide.”
CHRIST then became my new Master.
I’ll trust. FAITH’S on my side.

FAITH knocked on my door. He entered.
My trust I do declare.
When FEAR shows up uninvited,
To CHRIST I breathe a prayer.
FAITH throws my heart’s door wide open.
FEAR’S gone! There’s no one there.

© Helen Dowd.

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