Christ's Ministry Series
by Helen Dowd


Sources of Information: Bible – KJV and NKJV; “The Chosen Word” - copyright 1915, by “The John A. Hertel Co.” (Historical dates vary, so I have chosen to use the ones from NKJV.) © Helen Dowd

This is an introduction to a series of stories--not theological studies—based on the earthly ministry of Jesus. The stories are told in simple language that anyone, even young children, can understand and enjoy. This series begins where we left off in the Christ's Birth Series, at the Baptism of Christ, and will conclude at the story of His triumphal entry into Jerusalem at the start of the Passion Week. This series is not intended to be an exhaustive coverage of Christ's ministry; I just want to touch on the highlights of Jesus' earthly walk amongst the people of His day.

So together, let us stand with the crowd, watching, as Jesus is baptized. We will witness the dove ascend upon His shoulder, and hear the voice from heaven saying, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." We will wander with Him in the wilderness as He goes through forty days of torture and tempting. We will listen as He takes up the gospel from where John left off. We will stand on the sidelines as we see Jesus pick His disciples. We will walk among the crowd as He teaches and heals and admonishes. We will listen to His parables and witness His miracles.

I am not sure where our wanderings will take us, but please check back periodically for new stories. I want to take my time to develop each story, as the Lord leads me. I do not want to set goals for myself, but as I add a story, its title will appear on this page.

Keep watching this index page to see the story additions. Just push on the title of the story you wish to read, and it will take you there.

Please enjoy your walk with the Lord!

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